Admission Open 2012 to 2013 | Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Lab School, Bhiwani
Our Houses
Class size is limited to a favourable, student - teacher ratio. Full time co- curricular staff gives support to a committed, nurturing and dynamic academic faculty to make education experiential and fun filled.

The school is divided into four houses- Avni ,Payus, Tejas and Bayaar based on the Elements of Nature, symbolic of the qualities and essentials of a successful human being. Each child is allotted a house when he/she joins and inter- house activities form an important part of the school calendar.


Avni or Earth is the foundation of life and represents matter. Everything in the universe is made up of matter. Earth is nurturing and stable, solid and firm, full of endurance and strength.


Payus or Water is life giving and purifying. It is reflective and deep. Water is the ability to feel, intuitively know and imagine. It inspires us to be full of compassion and to have faith.


Tejas or Fire can be heard, felt and seen. It is radiant, vitalizing energy. Fire is connected to strong will and passion. Our mind should be the fire that ignites with in us creativity and the resolve and courage to follow our convictions.


Bayaar or Air is all around us. We should spread love and joy in the world and our radiance should be strong enough to encompass the world just like the air. Air is movement, contact, communication and the stirrings of the mind. It is flexibility of action, the quick, alert, sparking and new.