Welcome to Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Lab School, Bhiwani
Technology :-
“Every student needs a grandparent to link them to the past and a PC to take them into the future.” (UK01, Greenfield)

Across countries, far-reaching changes are occurring in schools. A variety of instructional reforms is under way, driven by a perceived need to reorient schooling from rote learning, shallow but wide coverage, and individualistic learning processes to higher level skills, problem solving, in-depth study, and collaborative learning.

Life-long learning is also a major concern although policies and programmes aimed at this broad area are often not visible in schooling.
In parallel with educational reform is the educational ICT revolution. SRS is working to install networks in schools, connect them to the Internet, and ensure a workable configuration of multimedia computers, educational software, technical support, and ICT-competent teachers.

In our endeavour to keep pace with global community and yet be able to maintain our individual identity as an active participant in the increasingly interactive and connected world, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Lab School has been integrating information and technology with teaching.

The students learn in the atmosphere of innovation and technology throughout the year. The school aims to engage young people with news and international current affairs, hear young people’s voices and stories, and encourage young people to explore the ethics of new horizons of knowledge. It also provides a vehicle for students to improve their communication skills and confidence and to report what’s important to them.

To hone the learning skills of the students, SRS is now a facilitator of this.